Hotel Guacanayabo, Manzanillo, Granma, Cuba
An ideal base to visit the historical city of Manzanillo and the Guacanayabo Gulf

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I think it was great

By: Barb mattinson, Canada Posted: 2014-02-24


I have stayed here 2 times.Both time's were fine.I found the people really cared about you .If you need some washing done all I had to do is put it on the stand and some money on top and it was brought back the next day all cleaned.Very nice people work in the restaurant . I also founf the little store where i could get water and things wonderfull..I love to be able to go back..yes,you had to take a taxi but it was fun to go on a horse one..


hotel needs improvements

By: larry, United States Posted: 2013-09-04


This hotel is nothing compared to other cuban hotels in Holguin, and even the ones in the Pilon area. That being said, it is the only hotel in Manzanillo. The other option is the the private houses than rent to tourists. I stayed at this hotel once and the noise was too much for me, not to mention that the hotel is far away from the city, so you may need to rent a car.

Cuban hotels or goverment hotels that is, are finding it hard to compete with the private business which offers better services.


Bad, really bad

By: hans, Germany Posted: 2012-07-11


You must be a lucky guy to have water in the pool. normaly there is no water and the employments are not able to repair it.

The meat in restaurant is really bad. I try 3 pieces. Then i went into the city to eat.

For 4 days the employments are not able to have eggs for breakfast. I was checking out and took an private room in the city. Cheaper, very good breakfast and also no water in the pool.

They have to learn a lot!


Service was good enough

By: Ziggy, Canada Posted: 2012-07-02


I liked it because it was quite and service at pool bar was great. Breakfast was little but good enough for me. I was helped to make my short stay enjoyable.



good hotel but

By: beverly, United States Posted: 2011-07-01


a little far from downtown manzanillo, you need a taxi or car to move around. The hotel is ok, but there are some noise going on sometimes (bars by the pool play loud music during the day)

The good thing about this hotel is it has car rental facility on site. That's being said, you better make your reservations from abroad because it is cheaper.

Overall I will stay there again. The hotel has a nice view of the guacanayabo bay and it is very clean.


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